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"Jonny ~ Lee and I want to thank you so much for making our wedding the most incredible day of our lives. We could not have had a more perfect day! The ceremony you performed was so special and perfectly reflected the message we wanted to convey. And let's talk about the receptionů YOU TOTALLY ROCKED IT!! Every one of our guests said that our wedding was the best, most fun, most rockin' and absolutely most memorable event they had ever attended. Our wedding would not have been the same without you ~ thank you, thank you very much!!" - Lee & Shanna Wallis, Denver, CO

"Yes everyone loved your show! They were talking for days after too! Thanks again, it was a great show!" - Carlie White. Resident Relations, Golden Pond Community Living

"Leave it for me to find a way to incorporate the old with the new. Far away from the bright lights and smoky ballrooms of Las Vegas - north to the snowy Rocky Mountains into Colorado, comes one of the best 1950's Elvis Presley cover bands I have ever heard. It's a two-man getup called The Velvet Elvis - led by Jonny Barber, who looks and sounds so much like a young Elvis (ala Sun Records) himself, I am sure he has stopped a few pedestrians in their tracks before. The duo is grounded by the fine upright bass work of Michael Baird. The best thing about The Velvet Elvis and their roots rock and country sound is pretty much everything...What was once old is new again, Darlin'." - Ryan's Blogspot

Thanks again for the great music at my parent's party. You and your band were SUCH a hit. We have heard from most people who attended...they all mentioned the band ...the LOVED YOU GUYS! In fact, my parents woke up the next day and exclaimed that they could wait for their 51st anniversary
:) Please let me know what dates you have open for next summer....Life is way to short not to celebrate! Thanks again-XO-Missy

Not long after, accompanied by strains of the "2001, A Space Odyssey" theme, a dynamic figure entered clad in a royal-blue jumpsuit and a golden cape. It was Jonny Barber in the guise of Elvis, unless it was Elvis in the guise of Jonny Barber, because there have been those rumors. Either way, the King performed an amazing set of Elvis' most popular numbers, and if anyone present was prepared to doubt his authenticity, they weren't saying so. Turns out, Barber is an Elvis impersonator by trade, dividing his time between Denver and Las Vegas. "I'm 'rockabilly' Elvis," explained Barber, a lean fellow, "not 'fried-peanut-butter-and-banana-sandwich Elvis." - Columbine Courier

Jonny: We just wanted to thank you again for the great afternoon we had with you and your band at our 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration. The music was GREAT and everyone enjoyed it immensely. Hope we can do it again.......maybe next year. Tell your band "Thanks"! You are all great. All who attended exclaimed what a great time they had....and the music was the primary reason." - Judy and Lee Larson

Thank you for doing your show yesterday, it was the bomb, the ladies from Western Welcome Week saw the show and later on told me that it was the best show they have seen at Western Welcome Week. I'm glad your wife and kids could come and enjoy you sing. We raised over $3,000 for the Littleton Hospital Baby ICU, you were a part of making that happen and thanks! - Bill Bivens, Toad Tavern

Okay, it's not the actual born-in-1935, died-in-1977 king-of-rock-and-roll Elvis Presley. Instead, it's the next best thing: Jonny Barber a/k/a The Velvet Elvis. And at 8 p.m. every Wednesday night in February, he's lived at Lannie's Clocktower Cabaret, where he shakes his pelvis during a "Love Me Tender" show that ends its current run tonight. "Have you ever seen him?" asks Kimmy Franco of Lannie's. "He looks like the young, dreamy Elvis that we all know and love, and he sounds exactly like him." And as a special bonus, Velvet Elvis is an ordained minister with the non-denominational Universal Life Church -- so if you've found that special someone (maybe even at this show) and are ready to tie the knot, let them know you'd like to be married by the King. The more advance notice you give, Franco says, the more special and personal they can make your wedding. And even if you don't want to get hitched, "Love Me Tender" has plenty of appeal. "He's got it down to a science," Franco proclaims. "A juicy Elvis science."

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