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On November 8, 1988, it was declared that ELVIS ARON PRESLEY be named a SAINT of the Universal Life Church by the International Headquarters in Modesto, California.

The petition to the church read as follows:

Elvis exhibited faith and hope when, as a youngster, he pursued his talent as an entertainer despite the odds against rising from his humble beginnings. He exhibited charity by his obvious and documented generosity. All of these attributes of character are believed to have been present to an extraordinary degree by his followers. Signed, Kirby J. Hensley, D.D.

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  • In Search Of Elvis: Music, Race, Art, Religion by Vernon Chadwick (Jan 10, 1997)
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  • On Presleyterianism: A Book for All Who Believe in the King by Jacob Oliver (Kindle Edition) (Feb 16, 2014)

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Strange thing from about 20'ish years ago. . .A fire broke out in the flat above the one I was living in. Me and my brother heard the flames and my Dad rescued our neighbours. The entire living room was gutted except for two things....Can you guess ??

A plastic crucifix was melted into the wall but was not damaged in any other way. The figure of Christ and the "grain" on the wood of the cross were as if new. The other object not damaged was......wait for it....... a cheap print of Elvis. The frame had completely burned away. I remember everyone being baffled and my Mum saying that neither of them were cremated and thats how they had been saved. The cause of the fire was put down to a match being dropped down the side of a sofa. This really happened. You can ask my Mum.

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